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How To: Pass an Oral Swab Drug Test.

An Oral Swab Drug Test is also known as a Saliva Test, Swab Drug Test, Mouth Drug Test and Oral Drug Test.  These names are all interchangeable, therefore the method for passing one will work for all.

First of all, if you are looking to pass an Oral Swab Drug Test, you need to know that it is virtually impossible without the assistance of a detox product-unless of course you have sufficient time to abstain from use.  Unfortunately, that is usually not the case, so be prepared with detox products on hand in case of a random drug test.

Yes, random drug tests do happen.  Many employers follow drug testing routines as part of a corporate standard.  This includes pre-employment screenings, as well as random testing of current employees, without warning.  Furthermore, because of the non-invasive and inexpensive nature of saliva tests, they are often the preferred testing method employers will administer. By purchasing detox products in advance and keeping one on hand in your desk, you will be prepared should a random drug test pop up.

Oral Swab Drug Tests offer nearly immediate results and are 99% effective at detecting use.  This means, should you undergo one, your drug use will be discovered that same day and you will likely have to deal with the consequences, which could mean losing your job.

So, the question is: How Do You Pass an Oral Swab Drug Test?  Well, the good news is that saliva tests have shorter windows of detection than other testing methods.  Because of this short duration, detox products stand a good chance at masking use.  Even better, most mouthwash detox products are relatively inexpensive and even taste good.

Magnum Detox Mouthwash is a small bottle that can discreetly be hidden in your desk drawer or even in your pocket.  This product is immediately effective for up to 45 minutes after use.  Make sure to take it as close to your test as possible.  The sooner you test after use, the better odds you stand at passing.  Simply use the restroom before your test, swish the mouthwash around for up to 3 minutes, if time allows. Spit it out but DO NOT RINSE your mouth out afterwards or drink anything until after you test.

Keep in mind that if you very rarely use illegal substances, the mouthwash detox product could remain effective up to one hour, but it is best to be safe, not sorry.  Try to use it within 30 minutes of your test.  This cannot be emphasized more!

Also note that 5% of all people that FAIL a saliva test are actually innocent because there are testing errors.  If you FAIL the test, immediately proclaim your innocence and demand a retest.  Usually, another testing method will be required, which will sometimes give you more time to detox and abstain from use.

If time permits, it is recommended to purchase an at-home mouth swab drug test and test yourself before you take the actual test.  This will let you know in advance if the detox product is effective.  If you FAIL your own test, you will either know you need to step up your efforts or you can start looking for new employment.

Good Luck!

Detection times in saliva test:

Marijuana and hashish (THC): up to 24 hours
Cocaine: up to 2 to 3 days
Opiates (Codeine/Morphine): up to 2 to 3 days
Methamphetamine and ecstasy: up to 2 to 3 days
Benzodiazepines: up to 2 to 3 days

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