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How To: Pass A Urine Drug Test.

If you are looking to pass a Urine Drug Test, you need to understand how drugs are distributed throughout the system.  When you ingest a substance, it is transferred into your bloodstream, where it travels throughout your body, leaving traces all over your system. Some substances are fat soluble, which means they are stored long term in the fatty tissues and cells.  Others are water soluble, which means they will travel through your system more quickly, leaving a shorter detection window.

As soon as you know you will be given a urine drug test, the best defense you have is to abstain from use.  If you are given enough notice, abstaining from use can be the only thing you need to pass a urine drug test. In best case scenarios, 30 days of abstinence will allow you to test clean for almost any substance. However, many drug tests are random, leaving little time to prepare.

In this case, you will need to consider using a detox product.  There are many options on the market to help you pass a urine drug test.  This is because urine drug tests are the most commonly administered drug tests by employers.  They are inexpensive and easy to supervise.  Plus, results are available almost immediately.

If time permits, your best chance is a permanent detox product, like Herbal Clean 7 Day Cleanse.


  • The day before the Cleanse: take all 4 capsules of the Jumpstart kit (optional) with 24oz. of water.  Wait 15 minutes and drink an additional 12-24oz.  Do not eat a large amount prior to taking these capsules or after you consume them. Urinate frequently and avoid using any toxic substances, such as drugs.
  • Each subsequent day, follow the AM/Pm regimen-detailed below.
  • AM Regimen:  take 4 capsules of morning solution on an empty stomach with 16oz. or more of water.  Wait 30 minutes and eat a balanced breakfast. Exercise later in the day for a minimum of 15 minutes and enjoy a healthy snack afterwards, along with 16oz of water.  Eat a well-balanced lunch with another 16oz of water.  Enjoy another nutritious snack, if desired, always with 16oz of water.
  • PM Regimen:  take 4 capsules of evening solution on an empty stomach with 16oz of water. Wait 30 minutes and eat a well-balanced dinner.  Exercise for 15 minutes.
  • Overall: Make sure to ingest 96oz of water each day throughout the course of the cleanse, exercise in moderation and do not take any additional vitamins or supplements.


If you don’t have a 7 day notice of a urine drug test, try a temporary detox product like Magnum Detox 160z Liquid beverages or Herbal Clean 32oz beverages, which will work within 30 minutes of drinking.

Either way, make sure to drink plenty of water or 100% natural cranberry juice, which has acidity that will help kill metabolites.  Exercising will also help to flush out build-up in tissues and cells and will speed up detox.

Good Luck!

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