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How To: Pass a Hair Drug Test

If you are looking to pass a Hair Drug Test, you need to understand how drugs are stored in the hair.  When you ingest a substance, it is transferred into your bloodstream, where it travels throughout your body, leaving traces all over your system.  Since your bloodstream nourishes hair follicles, these traces end up inside the hair and remain present as it grows out.  A typical hair test requires a hair sample of 1.5 inches in length.  Since hair grows an average of .5 inches per month, the sample would represent three months of use.

Due to the rate of hair growth, drug residue will not show up in your hair until about 7-10 days after use.  This is important for casual users.  If you have only used once this past week and haven’t used prior for three months, you will test negative with a hair test because the hair that contains the traces of the drug has not grown out yet.

However, most people who are concerned about a drug test have used multiple times in the past three months, and are looking for a way to pass a test.  The good news is that the hair test is a typically uncommon form of drug testing.  It is expensive and requires a laboratory analysis, which takes time. Most employers will issue a urine or saliva test because they are inexpensive and offer immediate results.  However, if you know you are facing a hair test, there are ways to increase your chances of passing.

The absolute best way is to shave your head.  That’s right.  If you hear rumors about an upcoming hair test, simply shave your head and play dumb.  The employers will be forced to order you an alternative test, which will give you more time to detox.

Some people cannot or don’t want to shave their heads.  If this is the case, your best shot is using a detox shampoo, such as Magnum Detox Hair Purifying Shampoo.  The morning of your test, wet your hair thoroughly and add half the bottle to your hair. Massage into the scalp for 3-5 minutes.  Focus on the scalp because that is where the sample will be taken from.  Rinse and repeat with the second half of the bottle.  Towel dry-do not blow dry your hair, as it will counteract the effectiveness of the shampoo.

Good Luck!

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