Drug Testing News & Information


First, take no responsibility and demand a retest. Tests are not always accurate and testing agencies will almost always give you a second test if you deny any misdoing. While you are awaiting your retest, we recommend purchasing one of our products to facilitate a passing grade.

There are many myths flying around out there that claim to be helpful in passing a drug test but simply are not. Do not trust the following when trying to pass a drug test:

  • Bleach, vinegar, visine or salt:
    • While these substances may cover the metabolites that would cause you to test positive, they will also alter the ph balance of your urine, which will tip off the lab that your specimen may have been tampered with. Additionally, using bleach to pass a hair test may cause inaccurate results and will make the hair more porous, which means it will be even harder to cover up in the future.
  • Dilute your specimen with water from the toilet or faucet: 
    • If you are testing at a commercial testing facility, the toilet water is usually dyed to prevent tampering and in some cases, the faucets are shut off. Do not count on diluting your specimen, only to be caught off guard by blue water and faucets that don’t run.
  • Blaming Ibuprofen, Aleve, Tylenol, etc. for your positive test result: 
    • While this may have worked in the past, many of today’s tests can now tell the difference between these legal substances and illegal drugs.
  • Drink tons of water before a test: 
    • Yes, drinking water will flush your system, but it will also result in clear urine, which raises a red flag to the attendant that your specimen is not genuine. Also, water will not flush out THC, as it is fat soluble.
  • Claiming to have eaten poppy seeds: 
    • If you test positive for opiates, do not rely on using that bagel you had for breakfast as an excuse. The cut-off point that most tests use would be extremely hard to reach by ingesting poppy seeds.

The amount of time a toxin will stay in your system varies depending on many factors, including the type of toxin, the frequency at which you are in contact with the toxin, your individual metabolic rate, your activity level and your body mass index to name a few. 

Yes.  Depending on the type of test you take, a specially formulated detox can flush out drug residue from your system.  There are two main types of detox methods: permanent and temporary.  The permanent detox system is typically used for days at a time and will effectively flush out toxins from your body over that course of time.  A temporary detox, on the other hand,  is usually a last minute save and is often used in conjunction with a permanent detox to enhance cleansing effects.

Over time, your body builds up toxins, which can stay in your system for varying lengths of time. These toxins, by nature, are harmful and should be flushed from your system for health reasons. A detox that rids your body of toxins is beneficial to your digestive system and will leave you feeling refreshed and more energetic.