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Studies have shown that the proper cleansing of impurities from body can enhance your immune system, reduce food intolerance, improve overall energy, and offer numerous other health benefits as well.  

If you have advance notice and would like to invest some time in the detox process, we recommend a permanent cleansing choice.  Our permanent detox systems will remove all toxins and impurities from your blood, saliva, and urine to ensure you pass a drug test. Be prepared to pass a drug test with one of these permanent cleansers.

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Sometimes you need to detox on the fly.  If you don’t have time to prepare, be confident with one of our recommended body cleansers.  These temporary cleansers will help flush impurities from your system, usually in about an hour, so that you can pass a drug test with little notice.  Be sure to read our product tips to help you pass your test with flying colors.    

It is important to take these temporary detox products on an empty stomach 90 minutes before your drug test. Follow all instructions exactly!

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If you are taking a drug test, you are most likely going to have to take a urine test.   Urine tests are the most common method of drug screening for employers, and often one has very little notice of when the test will be performed.

But worry no more! At Detox Labs.com, we carry a number of products to assist you in passing a urine drug test, even with little notice, including a variety of detox drinks, capsules, and complete cleansing programs.

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“I saw this new product at the smokeshop where I buy all my stuff at.  I needed some detox and had never heard of a 1 ounce liquid concentrate with 4 capsules.  The clerk said that there was a lot of buzz about this rescue detox, but it was so expensive at the shop.  I went home and googled rescue detox and found your site.  Your products are like 20% cheaper than the smokeshop, you have a buy 3 get 1 free, and you even throw in a free test kit so I can know if I’m clean before I ever leave home.”