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Body cleansers and detox programs are designed to aide your body in eliminating toxins that are stored in fat deposits and body tissue. Since there are so many detox methods available to the public, how do you know what is going to work best for your specific situation? Every person is different, and the team at Detox understands that not every detox product works the same when you need to pass a test.

That is why we have done the research for you and put together the very best collection of body detoxification products on the market. They are organized by testing method for your convenience and many products feature tips from our research team that will help you identify the ideal drug detox for you and your lifestyle.

Here at Detox we carry a variety of detox drinks and programs that have been proven effective by our research team to assist in passing a urine drug test. Since it is often the most common method of screening used by employers and parents, our site features a large selection of products in aiding you pass a urine test.

Mainly used to remove all traces of drug and nicotine use from your system, permanent cleansers are formulated to help you pass a blood test. If a short term cleanse is what you are looking for, try one of our temporary cleansers that are proven to remove toxins from your digestive tract and leave your body feeling balanced.

Is a saliva or hair follicle drug test in your future? We have the ideal solutions for those too. Immediate results and minimal cost are pushing more and more private drug testing companies to use oral swabs as their preferred method of screening. Pass your saliva test by using our fast acting detox mouth wash.

Although drug use is detectable in the hair follicles, you can feel confident with your strand test knowing that our cleansing shampoos are proven and guaranteed to work. Hair drug tests have a 90-day window of detection - the longest time frame on the market when it comes to drug testing. Pass a hair test with a purifying shampoo from detox labs.

Take a look at our Detox Tips page for additional ways to clean your system fast and get on with your life. And if you’re not sure what product is going to work best for you, feel free to browse our informative detox articles, F.A.Q. or contact us for a suggestion based on your detox needs.